How to Start a Protein Powder Business in just 10 Steps + Protein Shake Business Plan Sample

September 28, 2023



    From crafting a unique product to setting up distribution channels and staying compliant with regulations, we've got you covered.

    In our guide, you can expect:

    • A 10-step blueprint for launching your protein shake company.
    • Proven strategies to thrive in the booming fitness industry.
    • A ready-to-use sample protein shake business plan to kickstart your journey.
    • Plus - valuable tips for your ongoing business growth!

    Whether you’re looking to turn your existing passion for protein shakes into a full-time business, or you’re just getting started on your entrepreneurial journey, there are several steps you’ll need to take to get your company up and running.

    Start Your Protein Shake Business: Your 10 Step-Plan

    Starting a protein shake company can be a rewarding and lucrative business venture, but it requires careful planning, execution, and ongoing effort.

    From conducting market research to finding reliable suppliers, there are many steps to launching a successful protein shake company.‍ So, let’s start with the first one!

    Step 1. Analyzing the Target Audience of Your Protein Powder Business

    Before you can start a protein shake company, it’s important to take the time to analyze the protein shake market. Research the current trends in the industry, identify potential customers, and follow these steps:

    1. Make sure to look at competitors in the industry and understand what sets them apart from each other. Knowing the market and customer base will help you develop an effective business plan and marketing strategy.
    2. Consider the cost of production and distribution when analyzing the protein shake market. Consider the cost of ingredients, packaging, and shipping when determining the price of your product.
    3. Research the regulations and laws that may affect your business. Understanding the legal requirements for selling protein shakes will help you ensure that your business is compliant with all applicable laws.

    Step 2. Developing a Business Plan

    Creating a business plan is essential for starting any type of company. Your business plan should include a mission statement, financial projections, marketing plan, and goals for your business. Here is some additional information to keep in mind:

    1. Having a protein business plan will help you stay focused, objective, and sure that your company is on the right track. With many things to consider when starting a protein powder business, this will keep you grounded on what you want to achieve.
    2. Review your business plan regularly to ensure that it is up-to-date and reflects the current goals of your business and the trends of the food industry. While protein shakes are liked by many fitness enthusiasts, some opt for the on-the-go protein bars.
    3. Be flexible and adjust your plan as needed to accommodate changes in the market or your business objectives. Check your target audience, one thing every market share is the always changing market trends.
    4. Seek advice from experienced professionals to ensure that your business plan is comprehensive and effective. Learn from a successful business, the supplement business is vast which just means they had a successful strategy.

    Bonus Tip: If you’re into venturing the whey protein business, you may be asking how much a whey franchise costs. So, make sure to check out our guide on how much a whey franchise cost!  

    Step 3. Choosing a Product Name and Brand

    Choosing a product name and brand is an important step in starting your protein shake company. Your brand identity makes you easily recognizable. Consider hiring a branding expert if you need help with this process.

    When selecting a product name and brand, it is important to:

    1. Consider the target audience. Think about the type of people who will be buying your whey protein and what words or phrases they might be drawn to. This will help you build a robust online presence!
    2. Research any existing trademarks or copyrights that may be similar to your product name and brand. This will help you avoid any need for legal counsel down the line.

    A strong brand identity not only makes your supplement company stand out, it will also encourage customer loyalty!  

    Step 4. Establishing Your Production Process

    Once you’ve developed your business plan and chosen a product name and brand, it’s time to start creating your production process. Here’s how to tackle that:

    1. Decide on raw materials, machinery, and any other supplies necessary for production.
    2. Create a quality assurance plan to ensure that all products meet your standards.
    3. Consider the cost of production when creating your production process.
    4. Factor in the cost of raw materials, machinery, and other operational expenses.
    5. Consider the cost of labor, packaging, and shipping.

    Once you have a clear understanding of the cost of production, you can create a budget and plan for your business.

    Bonus Tip: Starting out may mean starting with fewer orders and talking about cost, this could mean sourcing fewer materials for your brand. Learn how to negotiate lower minimum order quantity with our guide to help you with handling your costs efficiently.

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    Step 5. Developing Your Packaging Design

    Your packaging design should be attractive, informative, and unique, especially if you sell food products. It should also be consistent with your brand and product name. Consider hiring a graphic designer or packaging expert to help with this process.

    When creating your packaging design, it is important to consider the materials you will use, and here is why: 

    • Different materials can affect the cost, durability, and environmental impact of your packaging. 
    • Packaging size and shape, along with the choice of materials, can influence startup costs, minimum order quantities, and shipping and storage expenses.
    • Effective marketing materials build customer loyalty and boost product sales. It also looks good on social media ads and your online store!

    Step 6. Setting Up Your Distribution Network

    Once your production process is in place and your packaging design is finalized, you’ll need to set up a distribution network to make sure that your protein shakes reach customers.In order to ensure that, you should:

    1. Work with wholesalers, retailers, and distributors to reach all your intended customers.
    2. Select a distribution network considering the cost of shipping and the speed of delivery.
    3. Consider the geographical reach of the distribution network and the customer service they provide.
    4. Research reputation of the wholesalers, retailers, and distributors you are considering to ensure that they are reliable and trustworthy.

    Bonus Tip: Talking about distribution, you may have heard about dropshipping and wonder returns work with it. Check our guide on how do returns work with dropshipping!

    Step 7. Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy

    Developing an effective marketing strategy is essential for any business. Here’s how to do it:

    1. See that your marketing strategy includes:
    • Digital marketing
    • Advertising
    • Public relations
    • Other tactics that will help you reach potential customers
    1. Make sure your strategy is tailored to your target audience so that it’s more likely to be successful. It's also important to track the success of your marketing strategy.
    2. Analyze the data you collect to determine which tactics are working and which need to be adjusted.

    This will help you refine your strategy and ensure that you are getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

    Step 8. Building a Website and Online Presence

    Having an online presence is essential for any modern business, and that is why you should:

    • Build a website to showcase your products, provide information about your company, and allow customers to make purchases will help you compete with other brands.
    • Establish accounts on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to increase your visibility. This is a good opportunity for social media ads.
    • Consider creating an email list. Allowing you to send out newsletters and promotional materials to your customers, and keep them informed about new products and services.
    • Think about using email marketing to build relationships with customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

    Bonus Tip: With everything online nowadays, you may think you can only market something when you have your own website. The good news is there are free ways to do it especially when you’re just starting out. Here’s how to market a product online for free in 2023.  

    Step 9. Managing Finances and Accounting

    Managing finances and accounting is an important part of running any business. And, you can do it in three simple steps:

    1. Create a system for tracking income and expenses.
    2. Develop an accounting strategy.
    3. Invest in an accounting software to simplify this process.

    Step 10. Understanding Regulations and Licensing Requirements

    Before you can start selling protein shakes, it’s important to understand any industry regulations or licensing requirements in your area.

    Choosing the Right Business Entity

    Selecting the proper business structure, such as a sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, or partnership, is essential for your protein shake business. Seek legal advice to make an informed decision.

    FDA Regulations

    Compliance with FDA regulations is critical for dietary supplement businesses like yours. Ensure accurate labeling, adhere to GMP standards, and follow ingredient safety guidelines.

    Make sure to research local laws and obtain any necessary licenses before selling your product.

    Your Winning Protein Shake Business Plan Sample

    Even with the 10-step guide, things can get a little overwhelming. And oftentimes, things are best learned through an example. So, if you are still eager to start a protein powder business, make sure to check out our sample business plan to get started with protein shakes!

    Executive Summary

    Business Name: NutriBlend Shakes
    Founder: [Your Name]
    Date Established: [Date]
    Location: [City, State]
    Industry: Dietary Supplements
    Mission Statement: At NutriBlend Shakes, we are dedicated to providing top-quality protein shakes that enhance the well-being of fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.

    Business Objectives

    • Launch NutriBlend Shakes in the local market within six months.
    • Achieve a 20% market share in the first year of operation.
    • Expand our product line to include protein bars and supplements within two years.
    • Establish an online store and grow e-commerce sales by 30% annually.

    Business Description

    Company Overview

    NutriBlend Shakes is a venture founded by [Your Name], driven by a passion for fitness and nutrition. Our focus is on producing and distributing high-quality protein shakes tailored to meet the dietary requirements of fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone looking for convenient and nutritious meal options.

    Vision Statement

    Our vision is to become a prominent brand in the dietary supplement industry, recognized for our unwavering commitment to quality, constant innovation, and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our valued customers.

    Core Values

    • Quality: We prioritize the highest quality ingredients and products.
    • Innovation: We relentlessly innovate to adapt to evolving customer preferences.
    • Integrity: Honesty and transparency are at the heart of our operations.
    • Customer Focus: We put our customers' health and wellness above all else.
    • Sustainability: We are dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our business.

    Market Research

    Target Market

    Our offerings are designed to cater to the following audience:

    • Fitness enthusiasts
    • Athletes
    • Health-conscious individuals
    • Those following high-protein diets

    Market Trends

    • A surge in demand for nutritious meal replacement options.
    • An escalating interest in fitness and health.
    • A preference for convenient and on-the-go nutrition.
    • A rising interest in plant-based protein sources.

    Products and Services

    We take pride in offering a diverse range of products and services:

    • NutriBlend Protein Shakes: Our flagship product line, meticulously crafted for superior taste and nutrition.
    • NutriFuel Protein Bars: Delicious and nutritious bars to complement an active lifestyle.
    • Supplement Line: Expanding our range to include dietary supplements, enhancing overall wellness.
    • Online Store: A user-friendly online platform to provide easy access to our products and expert guidance.

    Our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction drives every aspect of our business.

    For the complete business plan, please feel free to reach out to us. We are eager to assist you in your journey to success.

    business meeting

    How to Start a Protein Powder Company with Supliful

    If all this got you excited about diving into the world of protein shakes, but you are unsure where to begin, know that you're in the right place! 

    Supliful Academy specializes in guiding entrepreneurs like you to create, brand, and market your ideal supplement company, all while equipping you with the latest resources to establish a thriving protein shake business in 2023.

    Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just exploring the idea of entering the protein powder industry, we're here to simplify the process!

    We'll assist you with:

    1. Sourcing high-quality protein ingredients.
    2. Crafting a unique brand identity, step by step.
    3. Elevating your brand's visual appeal with eye-catching designs.
    4. Establishing a user-friendly online store with ease.
    5. Providing practical tools for efficient business management.

    Tips for Growing Your Protein Shake Business

    • Innovate: Continuously innovate and improve your products to meet the changing demands of the market.
    • Expand Product Line: Consider expanding your product line to include additional supplements or health products.
    • Utilize Social Media: Turn to social media platforms to reach a wider audience and engage with customers.
    • Offer Promotions and Discounts: Step forth with promotions and discounts to incentivize customers to try your product and encourage repeat purchases.
    • Partner with Influencers: Partner with influencers and fitness experts to promote your products and reach a wider audience.
    • Improve Customer Experience: Continuously improve the customer experience, from ordering to delivery, to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Diversify Distribution Channels: Diversify your distribution channels to reach a wider audience and increase sales.
    • Conduct Market Research: Regularly conduct market research to stay informed about industry trends and customer preferences.
    • Collaborate with Other Companies: Work with other companies and brands in the health and wellness industry to cross-promote products and reach new audiences.

    Once your protein shake company is up and running, these are several ways you can grow it. Think about every one of them, and identify the ones you can implement in your business model for the best results. 

    Ultimately, the best way to grow your business is to provide customers with excellent products and customer service.


    In conclusion, embarking on a protein shake business venture holds great potential. The free protein shake business plan we've provided serves as a valuable tool to help you start with ease as you navigate the industry's ins and outs.

    By understanding your target audience, embracing dietary supplement trends, and building a strong brand, you can position yourself for success in the protein powder business. Whether you're new or expanding your business, this guide will help you thrive in the market.


    What Are the Legal Requirements for Starting a Protein Shake Company?

    Ensure you establish the right business entity and comply with FDA regulations. Additionally, attending trade shows can help you stay informed about industry regulations.

    How Do I Create a Unique Protein Shake Recipe?

    Crafting a unique protein shake recipe involves experimenting with various ingredients, including protein powder. Consider market trends and dietary supplements to cater to your target audience.

    Where Can I Source Quality Ingredients for My Protein Shakes?

    Source quality ingredients through reliable manufacturing partners who provide raw materials. Seek advice from experts in the industry to ensure ingredient quality.

    What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Protein Shake Company?

    You'll need blenders, storage containers, packaging equipment, quality control tools, refrigeration, and safety equipment for handling ingredients.

    How Can I Brand and Market My Protein Shakes Effectively?

    To effectively brand and market your protein shakes, focus on building a strong brand identity, leveraging social media, content marketing, influencer partnerships, email marketing, SEO, PPC advertising, sampling, and customer testimonials.

    What Are the Key Challenges in the Protein Shake Industry?

    Challenges include competition, ingredient sourcing, strict FDA regulations, high marketing costs, and changing consumer preferences.

    How Do I Set the Pricing for My Protein Shakes?

    Set pricing by analyzing production costs, researching competitor pricing, determining profit margins, considering your unique value proposition, and offering strategic promotions and discounts.

    What Distribution Channels Should I Consider for My Protein Shakes?

    Consider online stores, wholesale partnerships, distributors, subscription services, health and fitness centers, nutritionists, online marketplaces, and trade shows for distribution.

    Are There Any Health and Safety Considerations When Making Protein Shakes?

    Absolutely. Ensure strict adherence to FDA regulations, maintain sanitary production conditions, monitor ingredient quality, provide clear allergen information, and implement safety protocols to prevent contamination during production and distribution. Prioritize customer health and well-being.

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