Discover the 9 Best Private Label Supplement Manufacturers in USA

June 13, 2024



    Private label supplements are becoming increasingly popular in the US, as consumers look for ways to improve their health and well-being. There are many benefits of selling supplements made by third-party manufacturers. For starters, you can leverage lower ingredient costs, faster production times, and access to unique formulations.

    ‍But, with so many private label supplement manufacturers out there, how do you know which one is right for you?

    In this article, we'll look at:

    • The best private label supplement manufacturers in the US.
    • What to consider when choosing a private label supplement manufacturer.
    • Benefits of working with private label manufacturers.
    • Common challenges and tips for finding the right private label contract manufacturing for your business!

    9 Best private label supplement manufacturers in the USA

    Are you wondering which companies are the best private label supplement manufacturers in the USA? Here are the top nine manufacturing companies for supplements, according to revenue. 

    1. Gemini Pharmaceuticals

    Revenue: $100 - 249.9 million

    Gemini Pharmaceuticals, operating out of Commack, NY since 1982, has a rich history in manufacturing custom private label pet supplements. Their experience allows them to provide products developed and packaged to meet quality standards and customer satisfaction.

    2. Supplement Manufacturing Partner Inc.

    Revenue: $250+ million

    Located in Edgewood, NY, Supplement Manufacturing Partner Inc. has rapidly emerged as a leader in the supplement manufacturing industry since 2019. They specialize in a wide array of standard and custom private label products, ensuring quality and innovation in each offering.

    3. Life Solutions Contract Manufacturing

    Revenue: $100 - 249.9 million

    Life Solutions, based in Carlsbad, CA, has been a consistent performer in the pharmaceutical sector since 2004. They offer a comprehensive range of products, providing that each item meets stringent quality standards, reflecting their commitment to excellence and innovation.

    4. Aegle Nutrition

    Revenue: $250+ million

    Aegle Nutrition, headquartered in Carrollton, TX, has been a reputable name in the supplement manufacturing industry since 2005. They offer a diverse portfolio of private label and contract services, ensuring each product is crafted to meet high standards of quality and performance.

    5. Pharma Natural

    Revenue: $50 - 99.9 million

    Pharma Natural, based in Miami Lakes, FL, has been a steadfast name in custom manufacturing since 2002. They specialize in private label vitamins and supplements, ensuring each product is crafted to support overall health and wellness.

    6. Gummi World

    Revenue: $250+ million

    Gummi World, based in Tempe, AZ, is a dynamic manufacturer focusing on vitamin gummies. Established in 2018, they have carved a niche in the market, offering a variety of flavors and vitamin options, ensuring that each product meets high standards of quality and efficacy.

    7. Makers Nutrition

    Revenue: $50 - 99.9 million

    Makers Nutrition, located in Commack, NY, is a distinguished name in the dietary and nutritional supplements industry. Their approach focuses on delivering high-quality nutraceuticals, ensuring that each product reflects their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

    8. FoodScience LLC

    Revenue: $50 - 99.9 million

    FoodScience LLC, operating out of Williston, VT since 1973, has a longstanding tradition of manufacturing private label vitamins. Their experience ensures that each product, from vitamins to various supplements, is crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

    9. NutraScience Labs

    Revenue: $50 - 99.9 million

    NutraScience Labs, headquartered in Farmingdale, NY, has been a reliable name in the custom manufacturing of nutritional and dietary supplements since 2015. Their services, including powder blending and formulation, reflect their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

    What to look for when choosing a private label supplement manufacturer in the USA

    When choosing a private label manufacturer, it's important to conduct thorough research.‍ Make sure you select a superior supplement manufacturing partner for your dietary supplement venture, by considering these factors: ‍

    1. Ensure the manufacturer is reliable and experienced. Check how long the company has been in business and what its production process looks like. It's also crucial to make sure that they adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). GMPs are industry regulations that ensure supplements are manufactured safely and effectively.
    2. Consider the cost, production speed, and customer service. Ensure your ideal manufacturer offers competitive pricing, quick and efficient production, and exceptional customer service. They should also provide options for custom formulation and label design to meet your specific needs.
    3. Work with a supply chain that's compliant with all relevant regulations and laws. Be aware of the company's quality control processes and certifications. Only consider them if they're transparent about their ingredients and sources. 
    4. Choose a manufacturer that is willing to work with you. You need to work with a company that meets your needs and specifications. Partnering with supplement companies that prioritize your unique requirements is essential for building a successful business.

    The benefits of working with a private label supplement manufacturer

    Working with a private label supplement manufacturer has many benefits, including cost savings, access to more specialist ingredients, faster production times, and better customer service.

    1. Private label supplement manufacturers help you create custom formulations that are tailored to your specific needs. This can be especially useful if you're looking to create a unique product or if you want to include specific ingredients or dosages.‍
    2. A private label manufacturer can provide you with a wide range of packaging designs, from bottles and jars to sachets and pouches. A unique label design can help you create a product that stands out from the competition and appeals to your target market.‍
    3. Working with professional manufacturers in the supplement industry will help your product meet all relevant safety and quality standards. These companies can also provide you with advice and guidance on the best ingredients and dosages for your product. 

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    Common challenges of finding the right private label supplement manufacturer

    When it comes to launching your own line of private label supplements, you'll likely encounter several common challenges before finding the best private label supplement manufacturers in the USA. 

    These hurdles can impact your ability to offer high-quality nutritional supplements under your own brand.

    1. Navigating the competitive landscape

    The private label supplements market is highly competitive, with numerous manufacturers constantly popping up. With the increasing demand for dietary supplements, finding the right private label manufacturer that can meet your quality and customization requirements can be daunting. 

    To overcome this challenge, conduct thorough market research to identify gaps and niches in this sector. Seek out manufacturers with experience in producing high-quality private label products in those areas. Ideally, you want to work with a manufacturing company that can help you sell nutritional supplements that set you apart as the competition is just as high for sellers. 

    2. Balancing custom formulations and label design

    Creating a successful private label supplement business revolves around custom formulation and label design.

    Striking the right balance between these two aspects can be tricky. It's crucial to work with a private label manufacturer that understands your vision and can execute it effectively. 

    ‍Your chosen company should collaborate closely to ensure your supplements meet the required specifications, including ingredients, potency, and label design while staying compliant with regulations.

    This blend of strategic branding and impactful visual design positions Supliful as the perfect partner for businesses aiming to thrive in this competitive industry. Find out here how Supliful's label design add-on can help you create eye-catching label designs that convert your store visitors into loyal fans.

    3. Managing minimum order quantities

    Many private label manufacturers have minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements that can be challenging for new businesses or smaller brands. 

    ‍Negotiating with potential manufacturers or exploring partnerships with other businesses can help you manage MOQ challenges. Some manufacturers offer flexibility or tiered pricing for smaller quantities, so be sure to inquire about these options.

    4. Ensuring a reliable supply chain

    Establishing a dependable supply chain is crucial for selling private label supplements in the USA. Inconsistent supply of your products can lead to lost sales and damage your reputation. 

    ‍When searching for a private label manufacturer, assess their supply chain capabilities, including sourcing raw materials, production timelines, and distribution. A manufacturer with a robust and reliable supply chain will help you maintain consistent product availability for your customers.

    ‍Are you wondering, “Is it legal to sell health supplements online?”, our detailed guide can help answer this question and ensure you steer clear of liabilities while selling supplements. 

    The role of regulatory compliance in private label supplements

    Regulatory compliance is essential when it comes to private label supplements. All private label products must adhere to GMP standards to make sure that their dietary supplements meet all regulatory requirements. Additionally, private label product manufacturers must ensure that all ingredients used in their dietary supplements are of high quality and meet all regulatory requirements

    Finally, they must also provide proof of analysis (COA) for all ingredients used in all products manufactured. Ease the challenges of selling by exploring our guide on how to sell vitamins online without inventory

    The future of private label supplement manufacturing in the USA

    Private label manufacturers are on the rise in the US due to their advantages over traditional manufacturing methods. With increasing consumer demand for cost-effective health solutions, people look to stock products with cardiovascular health benefits as well as anti aging.

    ‍As such, more manufacturers are entering the market of vitamins and supplements, providing sellers with more choices when it comes to finding the right supplement for their clients. Overall, working with a superior supplement manufacturing company can be an excellent way to provide better health and well-being products for your customers without breaking the bank.

    By taking the time to do your research and finding the right manufacturer for your needs, you can ensure that you get high-quality products that meet all regulatory requirements without compromising on cost or quality.‍


    Finding an ideal manufacturer for private label supplements in 2023 can be challenging. However, by doing extensive research to find a company that offers great prices, customized packaging options, and adheres to the necessary regulations, you can maximize your supplement sales.

    Whether you're selling protein powders, gummies, vitamins, or similar products, working with a trusted manufacturer will ensure your consumers receive the highest quality items. 


    Who are the top US private label supplement makers?

    The top US private label supplement makers include Supplement Manufacturing Partner Inc. with a revenue over $250 million, Gummi World with a revenue over $250 million, and Aegle Nutrition with a revenue over $250 million. These companies are renowned for their quality and innovation in the supplement manufacturing industry.

    What's key when picking a private label supplement partner?

    When choosing a private label supplement partner, it's crucial to consider their manufacturing capabilities, quality assurance, industry experience, and customer service. Transparency, reliability, and adherence to regulatory standards are also key factors.

    Which manufacturers focus on organic or non-GMO supplements?

    Manufacturers such as Vitakem, NutraCap Labs, and Private Label Supplements have a strong focus on producing organic or non-GMO supplements, ensuring products are natural and free from genetically modified organisms.

    How to partner successfully with top supplement manufacturers?

    Successful partnerships with top supplement manufacturers stem from clear communication, aligned goals, and mutual understanding. Ensure that the manufacturer understands your product vision, quality expectations, and market objectives.

    Which ones deliver large orders the fastest?

    The delivery speed for large orders varies among manufacturers. Companies like NutraCap Labs and Makers Nutrition are known for their efficient production processes and timely delivery of large orders.

    Do these top makers have a minimum order size?

    Yes, most top manufacturers have a minimum order size requirement. This varies from company to company, and it's essential to discuss and understand these requirements upfront.

    How do they guarantee product quality and safety?

    Top manufacturers guarantee product quality and safety through stringent quality control measures, adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and thorough testing of products for purity, potency, and safety.

    How cost-effective are the top manufacturers for private label needs?

    The cost-effectiveness of top manufacturers varies based on their offerings, order sizes, and additional services. It's essential to consider not only the manufacturing costs but also the value-added services and overall quality when evaluating cost-effectiveness.

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