Why Now’s a Window of Opportunity to Make It Big on TikTok Shop

June 7, 2024



    We've got some awesome news for your brand—right now is the best time to join TikTok Shop! TikTok Shop makes it super easy for users to dive into the ecommerce world. With TikTok’s popularity among younger people, adding ecommerce features to the platform was a no-brainer. 

    With more and more people checking out TikTok every day, savvy business folks and marketers are hopping on the TikTok Shop train. It offers online stores the chance to give their customers the best shopping experience right in the app. Wondering when you should start taking advantage of this opportunity? 

    The answer is now!

    What exactly is Tiktok Shop?

    TikTok Shop is like your very own online store within TikTok. It's made for vendors, creators, and affiliates, allowing you to sell products directly on the app. 

    With tools like shoppable videos and Live Shopping, TikTok Shop makes it easy for fans to buy stuff right in the app. 

    As TikTok becomes a go-to for finding great products, marketers can cash in by being part of the search results and offering easy-to-buy options, especially for the younger demographics.

    The growth trajectory of Tiktok Shop

    ​​In late 2023, TikTok introduced TikTok Shop in the US, opening a new world of shopping directly within the app. 

    With over 150 million US users turning to TikTok for the latest trends, the platform is now enabling users to discover and purchase products seamlessly. Community-driven trends like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt are inspiring users to find and share their favorite items, sending products flying off shelves. 

    TikTok Shop features shoppable videos, LIVE streams, and a product showcase, empowering brands and creators to connect with engaged customers. From secure checkout to affiliate programs and shop ads, TikTok Shop combines creativity and commerce to deliver an exciting shopping experience.

    In 2023, a whopping 33 million people were shopping on TikTok Shop, with most of them being Gen Z

    Even though the retail scene on TikTok Shop is seeing a slight dip in growth, lots of people are still using the app to shop, showing that there's real interest. 

    As the US TikTok Shop sell-off measure awaits approval, there's buzz about its future—whether it will be sold to a US company or removed from the market. 

    TikTok is pulling out all the stops to make sure TikTok Shops are a hit, so it's exactly the right time to explore exciting ways to get people buzzing about buying and selling on the platform.

    Why everyone's buzzing about Tiktok Shop

    A boost of visibility and recognition

    With millions of people using TikTok worldwide, it's a fantastic platform to get your brand noticed. Adding your products to TikTok can skyrocket brand awareness and drive sales. 

    For example, a cosmetics company might team up with a popular beauty influencer to showcase products on their profile. The influencer's followers get interested, and just like that, your brand gets more visibility and sales. 

    Seamless shopping experience 

    TikTok Shop makes buying products super easy. Users can watch product videos and, with just a few taps, check out and make a purchase. It's smooth, simple, and fast!

    Insightful data on consumer behavior

    TikTok Shop provides valuable data and insights into customer behavior and preferences. 

    You can track metrics like conversion rates, visits, and views to see how well your products and marketing strategies are performing. This data helps businesses make better decisions and tailor their products to meet market demands. 

    Opens doors to collaboration with influencers

    TikTok's vast network of influencers keeps followers engaged and loyal. Ecommerce companies can partner with these influencers to create amazing marketing strategies. 

    For example, a fitness supplement brand can collaborate with a popular fitness influencers to create engaging exercise videos showcasing their products. 

    TikTok Shop makes it easy for viewers to buy the featured products, turning content into sales. It's all about creating that perfect synergy between content and commerce.

    Brands that have made it big on TikTok Shop

    There are several brands that have skyrocketed their success using TikTok Shop. You could be next.

    1. INSPI

    INSPI, a clothing brand tied to a reputable family-owned textile manufacturing business, completely revamped their marketing for the digital age. After the 2020 lockdown, they decided to boost their online presence and turned to TikTok to make it happen. Here’s how they did it:

    • Content strategy: They experimented with different video lengths, editing techniques, and trending sounds.
    • Engagement: By focusing on engaging content, they doubled their purchase rates and connected with new customer groups.
    • Results: In three years, they gained 571k followers and 1.7M likes, leading to a 100% revenue increase.

    What to learn from them: Experiment with your content. Try different video styles, sounds, and lengths to see what resonates best with your audience. Engage with trends to stay relevant and increase visibility.

    2. PRISM+

    PRISM+, a Singapore-based premium electronic device and smart home appliance brand, has made it big with the TikTok tech crowd. Their success is based in creating short, informative animations showcasing their products’ unique features. Here’s what worked for them:

    • Live streaming: Hosting live streams improved consumer education, answered questions, and built rapport.
    • Sales seasons: Their efforts paid off during the 12.12 Sale in 2022, generating over $2 million in Q4 sales, with a 58.6% increase on TikTok Shop.

    What to learn from them: Use live streaming to engage directly with your audience. Answer their questions in real-time and build strong relationships. Highlight key features of your products in short, engaging videos.

    3. Kiehl’s

    Kiehl’s started TikTok presence in Vietnam in February 2023, aiming to boost sales of its natural skincare line. Their integrated a campaign strategy, which were 40 live stream events over 30 days. The results were remarkable:

    • Live and video shopping ads: These ads directed people to Kiehl’s live purchasing portal, allowing direct interaction with beauty specialists.
    • Storytelling: They used instructional materials in a storytelling format, which kept the Vietnamese audience hooked.
    • The results: Significant increases in sales conversions, followers, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

    What to learn from them: Combine live streams with shopping ads to drive traffic to your live events. Use storytelling to highlight your product’s benefits and engage your audience deeply.

    You too can harness the window of opportunity to make it big on TikTok Shop

    To maximize the possibilities of the TikTok shop, you must effectively finish the setup process for the tool. Think about your product content if you are to captivate the interest/curiosity of TikTok users and inspire buy activity. 

    Here is a thorough, detailed, step-by-step manual covering how to set up TikTok Shop for your brand.

    1. Sign up for TikTok Shop

    First things first, head over to the TikTok Seller Central page and sign up for TikTok Shop. It's available in many markets across Asia, the UK, and the USA. You'll need to provide some business info, identity documents, and tax files to complete the setup. Easy peasy.

    2. Integrate your products

    Next up, show off your products. Use the tools available to import, personalize, and link your product catalog to TikTok Shop. 

    Optimizing your data to meet TikTok's standards makes it a breeze to tag and showcase your products in videos, compile orders, and notify TikTok of shipments. It’s like magic for your inventory.

    3. Work together with TikTok creators

    Want to get your brand noticed?

    Team up with popular TikTok creators, The TikTok Shop Affiliate Program can help you find the perfect influencers to create original content featuring your products.

    More visibility, more sales—it's a win-win!

    4. Engage and build a strong community

    Success on TikTok is all about community. Get involved with user-generated content, respond to comments, and jump on trending topics to boost your profile and build relationships with potential customers. Think of it as making friends while boosting your brand.

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