A Guide to the TikTok Shop Affiliate Network

June 4, 2024



    Ever thought you could make money while lounging in your PJs? With TikTok's new Shop Affiliate program, that's not just a dream—it's a reality!

    Creators can now turn their content into cash by promoting products and earning commissions on sales.

    Some are pretty generous, offering up to 20% commission on sales. For companies, especially those in partner networks, this is a golden opportunity.

    Let’s dive into this exciting opportunity.

    What is TikTok Shop Affiliate Networking?

    TikTok Shop Affiliate Networking is like a giant team-up where publishers, advertisers, and retailers join forces to promote products.

    The program allows creators to earn commissions for every sale they generate, making it super easy to promote products and for viewers to buy directly within the TikTok app.

    It uses TikTok's massive user base to drive sales, making it a powerful tool for both creators and businesses.

    Why should you join the TikTok Shop Affiliate Network?

    Enhanced brand awareness

    When creators use your products in their videos, it’s like giving your brand a megaphone. TikTok videos are often more creative and authentic than traditional ads, making them super engaging and memorable.

    Unlike off-platform brand deals, TikTok creators can promote products directly through TikTok Shop.

    More traffic and sales

    Affiliate networking programs are sales powerhouses.

    With affiliate links, businesses can track revenue, sales success, and click-through rates to get the lowdown on their marketing. TikTok’s competitive commission rates make it even more attractive.

    The power of micro-influencers

    Micro-influencers might have smaller follower counts, but they pack a punch with highly engaged fans.

    Working with these influencers means more genuine interactions and better engagement rates, which translates to more conversions and cha-chings!

    Access to TikTok’s younger demographics

    Want to hang with the cool kids? TikTok is your ticket.

    The platform is a hotspot for Gen Z and young adults. The TikTok Affiliate Program lets companies vibe with this demographic, keeping up with trends and enhancing their brand’s future-focused appeal.

    Success story: Benefit cosmetics

    Benefit joined the Shop Affiliate program in March 2023 and sold over 87,000 product units. They plan to further leverage TikTok Shop to attract a new target market, potentially tripling or even quadrupling sales in 2024.

    Inspired by Benefit’s success?

    You too can create a beauty brand with Supliful and ride the success train. Supliful helps you develop and market high-quality white label beauty products, ensuring your brand stands out.

    Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro in the ecommerce world, Supliful provides the tools and support to help your beauty brand flourish on TikTok Shop.

    How to get creators to promote your products on TikTok Shop

    Identifying the right creators

    Start by finding creators who vibe with your brand. Look for influencers whose followers match your target customers. TikTok Creator Marketplace is a great place to start.

    Create good offers

    Set competitive commission rates and consider performance-based rewards. Unique discount codes for creators to share with their audience can also sweeten the deal.

    Outreach and collaboration

    Personalize your messages to creators. Tell them why they’re a perfect match for your brand and how the partnership will be a win-win. Clearly outline the terms of the affiliate partnership, including payment schedules and commission rates.

    Support and resources

    Provide product samples for creators to test and review. Supply high-quality marketing materials like images, videos, and detailed product descriptions.

    Tracking performance and optimization

    Use TikTok's analytics tools to monitor key metrics like revenue, clicks, and engagement. Adjust your affiliate program based on data and feedback from creators.

    Building long-term relationships

    Keep the love alive with regular communication. Update creators on new products, promotions, and changes to the affiliate program. Exclusive opportunities and rewards for top performers can keep them motivated and loyal.

    How to make money with TikTok Shop Affiliate Network

    Making money with TikTok Shop Affiliate Network is a breeze:

    • Use organic traffic and reach more people naturally.
    • Switch to a business account and add your website's URL to your profile.
    • Add links to your posts and engage with other sites.
    • Use coupon codes provided by affiliate networks.
    • Boost your reach with paid ads.
    • Stay consistent and authentic to engage your audience with genuine content.

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