How to Ask to Be a Brand Ambassador on Instagram: 5 Strategies, Advanced Tips, and DM Examples

September 28, 2023



    Within this article, you'll explore:

    • The rising trend of brands seeking to hire brand ambassadors on Instagram.
    • Direct message examples to approach brands, emphasizing your role as a potential brand ambassador.
    • How brand ambassadors craft compelling social media posts to promote a brand's products.
    • The nuances of influencer marketing on Instagram and the integral role of brand ambassadors in it.
    • Effective strategies to communicate your worth in direct messages and stand out in the crowded influencer marketing platforms.

    Before we dive deep into how you can ask to be an Instagram brand ambassador, some of you may have very little free time in your hands, so here’s a quick look at the 5 strategies we’re going to talk about.

    1. Research and target the right companies.
    2. Build your Instagram following and engagement.
    3. Craft a professional pitch.
    4. Negotiate partnership terms.
    5. Track your ambassadorship results.

    To learn more about these strategies in depth, read more!

    5 Strategies on How to Ask to be a Brand Ambassador on Instagram and Elevate Your Personal Brand

    Have you wondered how to ask a brand to be an ambassador? Asking to be a brand ambassador on Instagram can be challenging, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. 

    However, it is a great way to widen the reach of your social media platform, build your personal brand, and earn money. When you approach a brand, make sure you do it in a professional and effective way to increase your chances of becoming a brand ambassador.

    If you want to know how to ask a brand to be their ambassador, here are some essential tips on how to do it.

    1. Research and target the right companies

    Before reaching out to companies, do some research to identify if the brand’s values and your personal brand match. Look for companies that have a similar target audience and offer products or services that you're genuinely interested in promoting.

    2. Build your following and engagement

    Companies are more likely to partner with brand ambassadors who have a significant following and high engagement rates on Instagram. Focus on creating high-quality content, engaging with your followers, and growing your audience.

    3. Create a professional pitch

    When reaching out to companies, it's important to create a professional pitch that shows what makes you different as a brand ambassador and why you are fit to represent the brand.

    Show off your:

    • Experience
    • Relevant skills
    • Audience demographics

    Tips for Crafting an Effective Request

    When crafting an effective request to become a brand ambassador, it is important to express genuine interest in the brand and clearly explain why you are the best person for the job.

    When writing your proposal, make sure to use words that match the company’s mission and present examples of your previous work and expertise.

    Before you submit the request, make sure to read the company's guidelines and keep your message succinct and professional. It is also important to know more about the company and its products to make sure that you are familiar with the brand and can correctly represent it.

    Lastly, make sure to include any social links you have that can help in your request. Other contact information can also be helpful for the company to reach you in other options.

    What to Include in Your Request

    The first thing you need to include in your request is your ‘why’. Explain why you want to be the brand ambassador of their company and why the company should consider you for the role.

    Include examples of any relevant experience or knowledge you have that could be beneficial when promoting the brand. Describe in detail all the ways you can help to increase brand awareness.

    In addition, give them a list of ideas on how you can help them with their goals and show it to your audience.

    For example, you could suggest creating a series of videos or blog posts that feature the brand’s products or services. Nowadays, webinars and live events are awesome platforms to talk about a brand.

    You can also offer to create discount codes to encourage customers to purchase from the brand.

    What to Do After Making Your Request

    Once a brand has received your request to become a brand ambassador, it is important to be patient while they review your proposal.

    Follow up with them if necessary, but avoid making too many requests in a short amount of time as this can overload their inbox and turn off potential employers.

    Focus on continuing to build your personal brand in the meantime so that if your first message request is unsuccessful, other brands may take notice of your talent. To continue building your personal brand, share content that is relevant to the brand you are applying to.

    Show off your skills and knowledge by:

    • blog posts
    • Videos
    • social media posts

    Additionally, you can reach out to other brands in the same industry and ask for collaborations or guest appearances. This will help to increase your visibility and demonstrate your commitment to the industry.

    Where To Pitch To Be A Potential Ambassador?

    Knowing how to ask a brand to be their ambassador means knowing the way to pitch it. Reaching out to a brand about becoming an ambassador, can be done in several ways to make a lasting impression. Visit the brand's website and research any current campaigns or promotions they are running.

    Reach out on social media, such as Instagram or Twitter, as brands are often more likely to respond faster through these channels. You can also send an email to the company’s customer service or marketing team.

    Contacting them through email will provide a more comprehensive way of demonstrating your interest in being a brand ambassador.

    When making your message, be sure to include why you are interested in the brand and why you think you would be a great ambassador.

    Show off any relevant experience or skills that you have that could be beneficial to the brand.

    Lastly, make sure to include a link to your social media accounts or website so the brand can get a better understanding of your online presence.

    4. Negotiate terms

    Once a company expresses interest in working with you, it's important to know how to negotiate the terms of the agreement. This includes the scope of the work, the compensation or incentives you'll receive, and how long the partnership will be.

    5. Track your results

    As a brand ambassador, it's important to track your results and provide regular updates on the brand you’re working with. This will help identify areas for improvement and show the value you're providing.

    By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success when asking to become a brand ambassador on Instagram.

    Remember to approach the process in a professional and respectful way, and be open to negotiation to create a beneficial partnership for both parties.

    What Is A Brand Ambassador Program?

    A brand ambassador program is when companies recruit brand ambassadors, often on social media, to promote their products.

    The key participants in these programs are known as 'brand ambassadors'. Brand ambassadors are those who are passionate about the brand they represent and help spread the word about what the company offers.

    The Role of Brand Ambassadors in Social Media Platforms

    The primary role of brand ambassadors in social media is to act as advocates for a company or product. Brand ambassadors represent a brand, build relationships with their brand and their followers, and create content that engages their followers.

    As a brand ambassador, it is important to stay up to date with the company's new products and campaigns.

    Bonus Tip: Engage with your followers by letting them get to know you. Check out our guide on how to put ‘Ask Me a Question’ on Instagram.

    A person’s hand holding a smartphone beside his coffee on a table.

    What Does It Take To Be An Instagram Brand Ambassador?

    Becoming an Instagram brand ambassador goes beyond just having a hefty count of Instagram followers.

    Here's what it truly means:

    1. Keep your account neat, reflecting your authentic style and brand.
    2. Have followers who trust and actively engage with your content.
    3. Provide unique benefits to brands that sync with their marketing goals.
    4. Be loyal to the brands, not just for one-off perks.
    5. Prioritize forming strong bonds with brands over chasing one-time freebies.
    6. Promote with genuine interest and authenticity.
    7. Stay in tune with Instagram's latest, maximizing your promotional impact.

    Bonus Tip: Want to maximize your impact as an Instagram ambassador? Learn how to put a whole reel on your Instagram story.

    Difference Between A Brand Ambassador And Influencer

    While both brand ambassadors and influencers play pivotal roles in a brand's marketing strategy, there are distinct differences that set them apart:

    Duration of Partnership

    • In most cases, dedicated ambassadors with a continuous relationship with the brand receive free products regularly.
    • Influencers typically engage in short-term influencer campaigns, promoting a brand or product for a set period or a specific campaign.

    Nature of Compensation

    • Brand ambassadors may be part of an affiliate program, earn a commission on sales, or receive regular free or discounted products.
    • Influencers generally get paid per post or campaign, and may occasionally receive free products for reviews.

    Engagement with Brand

    • Brand ambassadors act as long-term brand partners, deeply integrating the brand into their content and promoting regularly.
    • Influencers may have multiple partnerships, their promotions for a specific brand might be less frequent and may change as new influencer campaigns arise.

    Audience Relationship

    • Typically, ambassadors have more consistent and engaged audience, as followers expect them to promote certain brands due to ongoing partnership.
    • Influencers have a varied audience that follows diverse content, and might engage differently with each brand promotion.

    By understanding these distinctions, brands can determine which avenue is more aligned with their goals, and influencers can better position themselves in the market.

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    How to Ask to Be a Brand Ambassador on Instagram Examples

    On Instagram, making a solid impression with your first message can pave the way for collaborations.

    Want to know how to ask a brand to be an ambassador? The first step is sending a direct message that highlights your unique style and valuable skills that can get a brand's attention.

    As a creator account holder, it's about more than just creating content, it's also about:

    • Staying updated with the latest trends
    • Showing brands a long-term commitment from you as one of their potential ambassadors is beneficial.

    Whether it's about discussing sponsored social media posts, using relevant hashtags, or introducing a promo code offer, your initial approach is crucial.

    For those of you looking to get it right the first time, here are some DM examples that you can adapt and use as a starting point when reaching out to brands on Instagram:

    Aligning with Brand Values

    Hey [Brand] Team! 🌟 I've always admired how [specific brand trait/value] aligns so well with my personal values. I genuinely love [specific product/service] and believe it would resonate with my audience of [specific audience demographic].

    I'd love to explore the possibility of becoming an ambassador for your brand on Instagram. Let's collaborate!

    Demonstrating High Engagement & Follower Count

    Hi [Brand]! 👋 I've been using your products for a while and consistently share them with my [number of followers] followers. The engagement on these posts is always incredible! I believe we could collaborate more officially to benefit both our brands. What do you think?

    Professional Pitch with Experience

    Greetings [Brand]! I've had the privilege of representing brands in the [specific industry/sector] on Instagram and have garnered positive results each time.

    With knowledge of audience trends and content creation, I see potential in representing your brand. Would love to discuss this further!

    Offering Creative Promotional Ideas

    Hey there, [Brand] Team! 💡 I have some unique ideas on how to spotlight your brand on my IG, from [specific content idea, like a series of tutorials] to hosting Q&A sessions about your latest releases. I'm excited about the potential of working together. Let's chat?

    Follow-Up After Initial Pitch

    Hi [Brand] Team, just circling back on my earlier message about the brand ambassador opportunity. I'm genuinely excited about the prospect of partnering with a brand I hold in high regard. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Bonus Tip: After pitching on Instagram, make sure brands can reach you easily. Check out our guide on how to put your Instagram on a business card for easy networking.

    Advanced Essential Tips for Aspiring Brand Ambassadors

    1. After Becoming a Successful Brand Ambassador

    Once accepted as a brand ambassador, it is important to continuously demonstrate why you are the best choice for the role.

    • Share the brand’s content widely across social media platforms and use organic SEO techniques to create interesting posts that can increase visibility and engagement.
    • Develop strong relationships with followers and build trust by creating quality content that focuses on both the brand and its followers.
    • Stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in order to create content that resonates with the target audience.
    • Utilize analytics to track the performance of your posts and adjust your strategies accordingly.
    • Consider partnering with influencers and other brands to increase your reach and create a larger impact.

    Bonus Tip: Becoming a brand ambassador just means providing content that helps your brand and the company you represent. To do that, a reel would be a great idea. Here’s our guide on how to put a whole reel in your Instagram story.

    2. Successful Partnership Management

    As a brand ambassador, it is important to manage multiple partnerships in an organized manner.

    Establish clear objectives and deadlines that are agreed upon when first starting out with each brand.

    Make sure all expectations are met and stay in frequent communication with each partner so issues can be resolved rapidly. Efficiency and effective communication are key when managing multiple partnerships.

    3. How to Handle Rejection

    No matter how persuasive your request might be, not all brands will be interested in working with you. If your request is rejected, it can be disheartening, but don’t let it get the best of you. 


    • Take some time to reflect on what went wrong or where you can improve for the next opportunity.
    • Don’t take it personally and always remember that rejection is never a hindrance to success.
    • When you receive a rejection, it can be helpful to reach out to the brand and ask for any feedback.

    This will help you understand why your request was not accepted. It will also provide you with valuable insight into how you can improve your approach for the next opportunity.

    Lastly, it can help you in building relationships with the brands and potentially open the door for future collaborations.


    Having a great Instagram account is just the start for brand ambassadors. A strong value proposition makes you stand out. Building long-term partnerships and relationships with brands and new customers is hard, but doing what you love pays off.

    Remember our discussion, and think about using a business or creator account for better social proof. On a personal level, aim for real connections and shared growth and you can definitely become a great brand ambassador.


    How can I showcase a genuine connection with a particular brand on Instagram?

    Engage regularly with the brand and promote their products to show genuine interest and strengthen your ambassadorship pitch.

    How can I emphasize a long term relationship with a brand in my proposal?

    When reaching out, emphasize your appreciation for the brand and your aim to build a lasting partnership, showcasing your dedication to a long term partnership.

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    If so, be sure to check out these essential articles:

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