A fitness app without a supplements line = a wasted opportunity to profit

April 23, 2024



    Everyone knows that you can forget about any gym gains or weight loss if you only focus on physical exercise. Diet is super important – you know it, your app's users know it, your competitors know it. 

    As a result, everyone's offering diet-related features and today they're table stakes for any great fitness and health app. The users have also grown to expect this. 

    So how do you make your fitness app stand out from the crowd to gain new users and improve profitability?

    By giving the people what they want – supplements.

    Supplements are the missing puzzle piece that can help elevate your fitness app and revenue to new heights. Let's find out how.

    People are into boosting their nutrition

    According to the latest statistics, 80% of Americans use dietary supplements. Be it vitamins and minerals, added protein, or some superfoods – people seek to boost their health with some help from the outside. 

    Additionally, a high level of physical activity is often tied to even more active supplement use. Research says that 85.4% of gym-goers use some kind of dietary supplement, showing that individuals on their way to a trained body, including the people using your fitness app, are very likely to look for ways to boost their diets. 

    So if you're not yet offering supplements in your app – why not? 

    It's a match made in heaven. You give your users a holistic experience where they can take care of their health without ever leaving your app, while also increasing your profit margins by offering an additional service. 

    That said, there are smart and not-so-smart ways to add supplements to your fitness app. 

    You can, of course, build partnerships with supplement brands and even earn a small commission via affiliate programs. But you can also easily create your own supplement brand and keep 100% of the profit, instead of measly 2% commissions. Basic math, isn't it?

    Before we dive into how surprisingly easy it is to create your own supplement line with Supliful, let's look at 3 more reasons (beyond – the people want it) why you need to add supplements to your app.

    Monetize your fitness app by launching a supplements line

    Regardless of the maturity of your fitness app, developing an additional revenue source is always a good idea. And when it comes down to it, launching your very own branded supplements line, with a sweet profit margin, is one way to do just that.

    Here's how:

    Supplements can turn your app into a one-stop shop and people pay for convenience

    There's a reason why people like shopping malls – it's just all there. Even though we may sometimes go the extra mile to visit that little boutique on the other side of the town, our everyday routine needs to be as convenient and time-saving as possible. 

    The same goes for apps and tools. Swedish fintech Klarna recently conducted a global survey and found that 70% of customers prefer a single app for shopping instead of using several tools. Plus, 68% of respondents said that the time-saving aspect is one of the most important benefits of using a one-stop-shop app.

    Adding supplements to your fitness app can turn a basic tool into an all-inclusive wellness service, which brings you to a whole new level of sales and revenue. Why stay a small boutique while you can become a mall instead?

    Adding new products can increase customer lifetime value

    Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the outright amount of money customers are expected to spend on your product or service during their lifetime. Therefore, the more satisfied customers are with the product or service, the more likely they will stick with you and purchase more.

    There are several ways to increase the CLV, such as excellent customer service, reward programs, and cross-selling – offering products that fulfill your customer's complementary needs. Dietary supplements are an excellent cross-selling option for customers buying your fitness products or services. You can also try product and service bundles that include supplements, creating a whole new offer for your clients.

    In simple terms – a broader range of products can bring you more money. 

    It can reduce customer churn – a.k.a. keep the money coming

    Adding supplements to your fitness app can also reduce customer churn – the rate at which customers stop purchasing your products or services and no longer bring you revenue. 

    One of the common reasons customers end using a product or service is because their needs aren't fully met. Thus, adding supplements to your fitness app is a great tactic to ensure your customers receive everything they desire and keep using your tool. 

    Other than reducing churn, additional products increase your competitiveness among your fitness app peers, which, again, brings you more customers (and more revenue).

    Create a customized ​​supplement product line with Supliful

    Starting your own supplement product line instead of partnering with existing brands is your way to earn more money. Yeah, but building my own supplement brand is so time-consuming and hard – you may say. Not if you use Supliful.  

    Supliful offers more than 100 white label supplement products so that you can provide customized products for your customers in no time. Superfoods, various protein powders, recovery drinks, and more – there are so many options. 

    How does Supliful work?

    When you've created an account, pick your products from our product catalog, customize the product label, and use the Shopify plugin to connect Supliful to your store. Then – publish products to your storefront with your markup price. 

    When an order is placed, Supliful automatically receives order details from your Shopify store and sends products directly to your customer without your involvement. It's a win-win situation – you grow your business with your own supplement brand while Supliful silently takes care of all the packaging, labeling, and shipping. 

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