Get Free Products from Influenster | Step-by-Step Guide

May 24, 2023



    In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of setting up your account, increasing your impact score, and participating in campaigns to receive amazing products. Let's dive in!

    Step-by-Step Guide to Get Free Products from Influenster

    Influenster is a popular platform that connects influencers with brands and allows them to receive free products in exchange for reviews and social media posts. If you're interested in trying out new products for free and sharing your thoughts with your followers, Influenster can be a great platform to join.

    In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to get free products from Influenster.

    Step01: Understanding Influenster and Its Benefits

    What is Influenster?

    Influenster is a product discovery and review platform that brings users and brands together. It is designed to help users discover new products and share their opinions and experiences with others. The platform has a vibrant community of users who love to try new products and provide feedback on their experiences.

    One of the key features of Influenster is its product discovery tools. Users can take quizzes to determine their product preferences and get personalized recommendations based on their answers. This makes it easy to discover new products that are tailored to your interests and needs.

    In addition to product discovery, Influenster also offers a range of other features. You can write reviews, ask questions, and engage in community discussions with other users. This makes it easy to connect with like-minded individuals and share your opinions on the products you love.

    Why join Influenster?

    Joining Influenster comes with many benefits. One of the biggest perks is the opportunity to receive free full-sized products for testing and review purposes. This means you can try out new products before you buy them and provide valuable feedback to brands.

    By participating in campaigns and sharing honest opinions, users can help influence a brand's decisions and product improvements. This means that your feedback can make a real difference in the products that are created and marketed to consumers.

    In addition to free products and the opportunity to influence brands, Influenster also offers exclusive deals and discounts. This means you can save money on the products you love and discover new products at a discounted price.

    Finally, connecting with like-minded individuals and discovering new products is always a major highlight of joining any community. Influenster has a vibrant and engaged community of users who love to share their opinions and experiences.

    This makes it easy to connect with others who share your interests and discover new products that you might not have found otherwise.

    Overall, there are many reasons to join Influenster. Whether you're a die-hard makeup guru or a passionate foodie, Influenster has something for everyone. So why not give it a try and start discovering new products today? Are you interested in subscription boxes? Read this!

    Step02: Setting Up Your Influenster Account

    Creating an account

    Getting started on Influenster is easy and free. Simply visit the Influenster website or download the app on your mobile device. Click on the "sign up" button, and you can choose to create an account with your email address or through Facebook.

    Make sure to provide accurate information, as this will impact your chances of being selected for campaigns.

    Once you've created your account, you'll be prompted to verify your email address. This step is important because it ensures that Influenster can contact you regarding campaign opportunities or updates. After you've verified your email, you're ready to start exploring Influenster's features and campaigns.

    Connecting your social media profiles

    Connecting your social media profiles is an essential step to building your influence on Influenster. When you connect your social networks, Influenster can better understand your online presence and influence.

    The more social networks you connect, the higher your Impact Score will be. Your Impact Score is a measure of your online influence and determines your eligibility for certain campaigns.

    Don't worry, Influenster cares deeply about its users' privacy, and connecting your social media accounts will not give them full access to view or control your profiles. Influenster only uses your social media information to better understand your interests and influence.

    Filling out your profile information

    Completing your Influenster profile is crucial to increasing your chances of receiving products. Fill out as much information as possible, including demographics, personal interests, and preferences.

    By providing detailed information about yourself, brands can better understand your interests and target campaigns that are relevant to you.

    Be sure to upload a profile picture that best represents you to make your profile more appealing to brands. A clear and professional profile picture can make a great first impression and increase your chances of being selected for campaigns.

    Additionally, adjust your settings to receive email notifications, so you don't miss out on any campaign opportunities or updates.

    Influenster sends out regular emails with campaign invitations, product reviews, and other important updates, so it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

    Overall, setting up your Influenster account is a simple process that can lead to exciting opportunities and experiences.

    By creating a detailed profile, connecting your social media accounts, and staying up-to-date on campaign opportunities, you can maximize your chances of receiving free products and becoming a trusted influencer on the platform.

    Step03: Maximizing Your Influenster Impact Score

    What is the Impact Score?

    The Impact Score is a crucial element on Influenster because it reflects your level of influence in the online community. The more successful you are at connecting with others, engaging with content, and reviewing products, the higher your score will be.

    Your Impact Score is visible on your Influenster profile and is calculated based on your social media connections, follower count, and activity within the platform.

    But what exactly does it mean to have a high Impact Score? Essentially, it means that you have a significant reach and influence within the Influenster community, and brands are more likely to take notice of you.

    This can lead to exciting opportunities, such as being selected for exclusive campaigns, receiving free products to review, and even potentially earning money as a social media influencer.

    Tips to increase your Impact Score

    1. Connect all your social media accounts: Linking your profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, will boost your score. Your reach across different platforms increases your potential influence.
    2. Grow your following: Focus on increasing your number of followers across your social networks, as this will contribute significantly to your score. Consider utilizing social media growth strategies such as collaborations, giveaways, and targeted advertising.
    3. Stay active on Influenster: Engage with the community by asking questions, posting reviews, and participating in challenges, contests, and campaigns. The more you contribute to the platform, the more likely you are to be noticed by brands and other users.
    4. Share content: Promote Influenster content on your social media platforms and encourage your friends to join the platform as well. This not only helps to increase your score but also supports the growth of the Influenster community as a whole.

    Engaging with the Influenster community

    Being an active participant within the Influenster community is vital. Your presence will not only help to increase your Impact Score but will also help you in developing long-lasting connections with other influencers and users.

    Engaging with others includes sharing your experiences and opinions, answering user questions, and responding to comments.

    But what are some other ways to engage with the Influenster community? Consider joining or creating interest groups related to your niche or interests. This is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and potentially collaborate on future projects.

    Additionally, attending Influenster events, both online and offline, can help you to network and build relationships with other users and brands.

    Ultimately, the key to maximizing your Influenster Impact Score is to stay active, engaged, and authentic.

    By consistently contributing valuable content and engaging with the community, you can increase your influence and potentially open up exciting opportunities within the world of social media influencing.

    Step04: Participating in Influenster Campaigns

    Types of Influenster campaigns

    Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to try new products and share your opinions with others? Influenster is the perfect platform for you! There are various campaigns available on Influenster for you to participate in, ranging from beauty and skincare products to food and household items.

    Most campaigns will provide users with a "VoxBox," which is a free package filled with full-sized products for testing and reviewing. You might also encounter "Virtual VoxBoxes," which are digital campaigns that don't require a physical product but still offer rewards and product promotions.

    One of the best things about Influenster campaigns is that they are tailored to your interests and preferences. Eligibility for campaigns depends on your user profile, Impact Score, and previous activity on the platform.

    So, the more active you are on Influenster, the more opportunities you'll have to participate in exciting campaigns and receive free products!

    How to join a campaign

    So, how can you join an Influenster campaign and start receiving free products to test and review? It's simple! Keep an eye on your email and the Influenster website or app for announcements regarding available campaigns.

    Once you're eligible for a campaign, you will receive an invitation via email. You must then complete a pre-qualifying survey to ensure you're the right fit for the product.

    If selected, you'll receive further instructions on how to participate, review the product, and engage in tasks to increase your chances of being chosen for future campaigns.

    It's important to note that not everyone will be selected for every campaign, but the more active you are on Influenster, the better your chances of being chosen for future opportunities.

    Completing campaign tasks and requirements

    So, you've been selected for an Influenster campaign and received your VoxBox or Virtual VoxBox. What's next? It's time to complete the tasks related to the campaign and start sharing your opinions with others!

    Tasks may include sharing content on social media, posting reviews on various platforms, and participating in discussions within the Influenster community.

    It's important to ensure that you complete all tasks by the given deadlines, as this will increase your chances of being selected for future campaigns.

    Additionally, keep your communication open with the Influenster team in case of any issues or questions. They are always happy to help and provide guidance throughout the campaign.

    In conclusion, becoming an active member of the Influenster community is an exciting and rewarding experience. By following this step-by-step guide, you'll be well on your way to receiving fantastic products and engaging with like-minded individuals.

    So, start your Influenster journey today and take your love of sharing and testing new products to a whole new level!

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