How to Contact Supplier for Dropshipping: A Step-by-Step Guide

November 7, 2023



    Dropshipping is an increasingly popular business model, allowing entrepreneurs to create and manage an online store without the hassle of stocking and shipping products.

    To be successful in dropshipping, it is essential to have the support of quality dropshipping suppliers. This means learning how to contact dropship suppliers and make a good impression.

    But how do you get a supplier for dropshipping?

    In this guide, we will provide:

    • Tips on writing a message to a dropshipping supplier
    • A dropshipping message example
    • A detailed guide on contacting dropshipping suppliers
    • Tips for writing an effective message to a dropship supplier
    • Common mistakes to avoid when connecting with wholesale suppliers

    All set? Let’s jump right in!

    How to Approach Writing a Message to a Dropshipping Supplier 

    So, first things first, this is what you should take into account when you contact a supplier for dropshipping:


    1. Be clear and concise with your message.
    2. Include your contact information in the message.
    3. Maintain a friendly yet professional tone.
    4. Proofread your message for typos or grammar errors.
    5. Follow up after sending your message.
    6. Keep your message short and to the point.
    7. Include a call to action in your message.

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    Dropshipping Message to Supplier Example

    Here’s an example to get you started!

    Subject: Partnership Inquiry: Dropshipping Opportunity with [Your Business Name]

    Dear [Supplier’s Name/Team],

    I hope this message finds you well. My name is [Your Name], representing [Your Business Name]. We specialize in [briefly describe your market or products] and are currently exploring new partnerships to enhance our product offerings.

    Our business has been operational for [number of years in business], and we have cultivated a strong online presence and customer base. More details about our operations and product lines are available on our website, [your website link], and our social media platforms [links to your social media].

    We are impressed by the quality and variety of products your company offers and are interested in discussing a potential dropshipping partnership. Here are some aspects we would like to explore further:

    • Product Selection: We are particularly interested in [mention some products or types of products you are interested in].
    • Order Volume: Our estimated initial order volume is [provide estimates].
    • Shipping: Could you provide more details regarding your shipping processes, costs, and delivery times?
    • Return Policy: Please share information regarding your return and refund policies.

    We aim to ensure a seamless collaboration and are open to any suggestions or guidelines you may have to facilitate this partnership.

    Thank you for considering our proposal. We are looking forward to your positive response and the opportunity to collaborate effectively.

    Best regards,

    [Your Full Name]
    [Your Contact Information]
    [Your Business Name]
    [Your Business Website]

    Feel free to customize this template further to better suit the specifics and tone of your business and the supplier you are contacting.

    A Detailed Guide on How To Contact Dropship Suppliers

    If you’re looking for a more detailed guide on how to reach out to dropshipping suppliers, you have come to the right place. However, before all that, you need to have a basic understanding of how the process works.

    With dropshipping services, you set up an online store and advertise products.

    When a customer purchases a product, you fulfill the order by purchasing it from your dropshipping supplier, who then ships it directly to the customer.

    This eliminates the need to manage and store inventory, enabling store owners to sell trending products with less upfront costs.

    Dropshipping is a great way to start a business without having to invest in stocking and selling without inventory. It also allows you to test out different products and find out what sells best before investing in larger quantities, giving you better chances of a higher profit margin.

    Additionally, it allows you to focus on marketing and customer service, rather than worrying about inventory management and fulfillment.

    Research Your Supplier

    Before you message a supplier for dropshipping, it is important to do market research. 

    Reputation and Reviews

    • Investigate the reputation of each dropshipping supplier by reading reviews from previous online retailers.
    • Reputable suppliers are known for delivering high-quality products and excellent service.

    Product Availability

    • Verify that the dropshipping companies you consider have a wide range of quality products that align with your ecommerce business goals.
    • The best dropshipping suppliers should either carry the products you want to offer or have the capability to source them efficiently.

    Order Processing and Shipping

    • Evaluate the order processing time of each dropshipping supplier.
    • A great supplier ensures that the shipping costs are reasonable, and the delivery process is not overly lengthy, ensuring customer satisfaction and the smooth operation of retail stores.

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    Return Policy

    • Review the return policies of potential dropshipping suppliers.
    • A good dropshipping supplier will have clear and fair return policies, allowing you to manage and meet customer expectations effectively.
    A female customer representative.

    Customer Service

    • Assess the level of customer service provided by the wholesale supplier.
    • Keep in mind that the best suppliers are those who have responsive and helpful support reps, ensuring that any issues or queries are addressed promptly, maintaining the reliability of your dropshipping business.

    Market Research

    • Conduct market research to avoid diving into an overly competitive market.
    • Verify that products sourced from wholesale suppliers meet the current market demands and trends, facilitating the growth and success of your dropshipping store.

    Compose Your Message

    • After you find dropshipping suppliers that fit well with your dropship store, it’s now time to show off what your business is about.
    • Just as you provide product descriptions to your customers it is crucial to do the same with your wholesale supplier to know if you match.

    Introduction and Purpose

    • Start your message by introducing yourself and your e-commerce business. Express your interest in collaborating with the dropshipping supplier, explaining why you have chosen among various dropshipping companies.
    • Highlight your focus on selling a high quality product and why you believe they are the right supplier to meet these expectations.

    Business Information

    • Include essential details about your dropshipping business, such as the size of your company, the duration for which you have been operating, and any significant achievements, awards, or recognitions.
    • Sharing this information helps in building credibility and presenting your business as reliable, and with a competitive edge in the market.

    Product and Order Details

    • Specify the types of dropshipping products you aim to sell and provide an estimate of the anticipated number of orders.
    • If there are any special requirements on fast shipping for dropshipping or custom modifications, make sure to communicate these clearly to the dropshipping supplier to avoid any future misunderstandings or complications.

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    Hand typing on a laptop keyboard.

    Clarifying Your Target Market

    • Who is the target audience of your business? Clarify this too.
    • Sharing insights into who your customers are and the market you are operating in helps suppliers tailor their dropshipping service to meet your specific needs, ensuring higher customer satisfaction.

    It also enables the dropshipping supplier to align their shipping methods and other services with your business model and customer expectations.

    Relationship Building

    • Emphasize the importance of establishing a strong, mutually beneficial business relationship.
    • Highlight your commitment to collaboration and express your eagerness to foster a partnership that facilitates the growth and success of your business and the drop ship supplier.

    References and Recommendations

    • To bolster the supplier’s confidence in your business, consider providing references or contacts who can vouch for the credibility and reliability of your business.
    • Sharing contacts of individuals or organizations that can vouch for your business’s reliability and integrity can be a powerful tool in building trust and kicking off a successful partnership.

    Closing Remarks

    • Conclude your message by expressing gratitude for their time and consideration.
    • Show enthusiasm about the possibility of working together and encourage them to respond to discuss the potential collaboration further.

    This approach leaves a positive impression and opens the door for constructive communication and negotiation.


    Make sure your message resonates with the supplier, emphasizing how the partnership could be mutually beneficial.

    A well-crafted message can help in finding dropshipping suppliers who align with your business values and objectives, facilitating a relationship that contributes to the growth and success of your dropshipping business.

    Use a Professional Tone

    Learn how to contact dropship suppliers in a professional tone. This will help you find dropshipping suppliers that also value courtesy and professionalism in business partnerships.

    Professional Language and Courtesy

    • When communicating with dropshipping suppliers, maintaining a professional tone is paramount.
    • Ensure that your language is formal, respectful, and devoid of slang or overly casual expressions.

    Expressing gratitude and politeness in your interactions fosters a respectful and professional relationship with the dropshipping supplier, which is crucial for a successful dropshipping business partnership.

    Precision and Clarity

    • In your messages, be concise and direct, ensuring that essential information is communicated effectively.
    • Mention the products you are interested in, the quantities required and any specific preferences related to product quality or other aspects.

    This precision allows dropshipping suppliers to understand your needs better, facilitating more accurate and efficient responses.

    Proofreading and Accuracy

    • Before sending your message, take the time to proofread and ensure that it is free of typos or grammatical errors.
    • A well-composed message reflects your professionalism and attention to detail, which is essential when engaging with suppliers for product sourcing and other aspects of your dropshipping business.

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    Follow Up After Sending Your Message

    After sending your message, it is important to follow up with the dropshiping supplier

    Contact Us Tiles

    Timely Follow-Up

    • After sending your initial message to dropshipping suppliers, it's essential to follow up promptly.
    • A follow up phone call or email, confirms that your message has been received and your requests are being processed.

    This proactive approach is crucial in managing the lengthy shipping process and ensuring that your drop shipping business operates smoothly.

    Clear and Comprehensive Communication

    • In your follow-up communications include the original message and any additional relevant information.
    • Clarity that the supplier's support reps understand the context of your request, allowing them to provide accurate and helpful responses.

    Clear communication is key to establishing a successful relationship with the best dropshipping suppliers and legitimate wholesalers.

    Setting Expectations

    • When following up, clearly communicate your expectations regarding the response time.
    • Providing a timeline helps prioritize your request, ensuring that the supplier directories and other aspects of selling dropshipping services are managed efficiently and effectively.

    Setting clear expectations fosters a sense of professionalism and urgency, facilitating a more productive and responsive interaction with dropshipping suppliers.

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    4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Messaging a Supplier for Dropshipping

    There are common mistakes that businesses often make when messaging suppliers. To avoid these, here are four points you need to keep in mind.

    1. Using casual language or slang terms.
    2. Failing to include relevant information such as contact details.
    3. Not proofreading the message before sending.
    4. Not following up after sending the message.

    By following these steps and avoiding common mistakes, you can refine your messaging skills to ensure that you make a great first impression with a potential dropship supplier.

    Doing so will help you establish trust and secure long-term partnerships with a great dropshipping supplier that can meet the demands of your dropshipping business.


    Understanding how to contact legitimate suppliers is crucial to establishing successful business relationships. A well-crafted message, clear communication, and professional follow-up are key components of this process.

    This guide provides detailed steps, essential tips, and common mistakes to avoid, ensuring that you communicate effectively with potential suppliers, and fostering relationships that contribute positively to your dropshipping business.

    You also have an example to get you started on contacting a potential drop shipping supplier!

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    Do I need to contact the supplier before dropshipping?

    Yes, you need to contact suppliers before dropshipping to establish a business relationship and discuss terms such as product selection, order volume, shipping, and return policies.

    How do I contact a supplier?

    Contact a supplier by sending a well-crafted message that includes a clear introduction, the purpose of your message, details about your business, and specific queries or requirements.

    Who sends the product in dropshipping?

    In dropshipping, the supplier sends the product directly to the customer on behalf of the retailer.

    Do you need to contact suppliers for dropshipping?

    Yes, contacting suppliers is a necessary step in dropshipping to ensure that both parties understand and agree on the business terms and processes.

    How do I contact a supplier on Shopify?

    On Shopify, you can contact a supplier by finding their contact information on their profile or product pages and then reaching out via email or other provided contact methods.

    How do I find a supplier for my dropshipping?

    Conduct market research, read reviews, and investigate the reputation, product availability, order processing, and customer service of potential suppliers to find a suitable match for your dropshipping business.


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