8 Steps to a Stunning Beauty Brand Logo

July 2, 2024



    According to the market research company Euromonitor International, the global cosmetics industry is projected to be worth a staggering $670.8 billion in 2024, with a 9% annual growth.

    With the industry experiencing this much growth, the number of new beauty brands entering the market is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Furthermore, the entry barrier has never been this low thanks to companies offering to launch personalized skincare brands. That's why it's more important than ever to ensure that your beauty brand and beauty logo stand out from the crowd.

    The beauty industry is a heavily competitive market to find yourself in. Having an edge over your competition is paramount if you want your business to thrive. What's the best way to do this, I hear you ask?

    Your business needs to be able to make an instant connection with its audience in a way that grasps the customer's attention and entices them to learn more about your company.

    If you want your beauty brand to succeed, you'll want to ensure you have the best branding, as well as a strong brand identity, so that your customers will get behind your company to support you.

    The most important aspect of a beauty business is its logo. It's the first thing your potential customers will see, after all. So you'll need to make it a good one. No pressure!

    Key takeaways

    Creating an effective brand logo for a beauty brand involves a combination of creativity, strategic thinking, and understanding your audience.

    In this article, we'll look at how you can create the best beauty brand logos and define your brand identity so that your business will stand out from the crowd in the booming cosmetics industry.

    Here are the 8 steps to creating an impressive beauty brand logo:

    1. Reflect on your business: Define your brand identity and use this as a driving force when creating your logo design. Establish core values and company goals.
    2. Understand your target audience: Know who your audience are, and what they're looking for in a beauty logo design. What will catch their eye and intrigue them?
    3. Conduct market research: Look to other beauty brands in the global market and take inspiration from them. Do any of the biggest beauty brands have anything in common with their logos?
    4. Brainstorm/moodboard: Time to get creative! Make a mood board, or just have a good ol' brainstorm to get those creative juices flowing.
    5. Color palette, fonts, and aesthetics: Decide on a particular color palette you think you would like to use. Look into different font styles, as well the aesthetic and emotions you want your beauty logo to evoke.
    6. Choose the type of logo design: Investigate the different types of symbols, icons, and graphics you can use for your logo.
    7. Sketch up some drafts: If you have a creative flair, you can put pen to paper and get your ideas out there. You can also do this digitally, if you'd prefer.
    8. Get help from professionals: Alternatively, if drawing isn't your thing, don't be embarrassed to look for help from others who are well-versed in design.

    Reflecting on your business

    The first step when creating an effective beauty logo design is to reflect on your business. Before jumping into color palettes and graphics, let's take a step back and look at the business as a whole.

    Your brand identity is the personality of your business and a promise to your customers.

    Having a clear vision of your brand identity and knowing your brand's core values is critical. What is the message you want to portray to the world? Is it one of inclusivity, or one of sustainability? Perhaps you will focus on luxury, or affordable beauty.

    Think about what you want people to feel when they interact with your company.

    There are a lot of questions you will need to ask yourself, so this part might take some time.

    So, grab a coffee, a pen, some paper, and sit back!

    Dig deep into your 'why' and write a compelling mission statement. Why did you choose to create the company? Establish your goals and aims going forward.

    You'll need to rediscover and redefine your brand with a compelling story to emotionally and intellectually attract your target audience. Your customers should be able to trust and resonate with your brand story.

    Being confident in your brand image and your brand's story is the first step you'll need to nail when creating your own beauty logo.

    Understanding your target audience

    Understand who your primary customers are—everything from gender, age, location, needs, wants, and even their hobbies. Write it all down.

    Using this information to create your user personalities is a really simple way to present your target audience in a digestible way. Once you know all the deets', it'll make crafting your brand's beauty logo a hell of a lot easier—trust me.

    Example of user persona for a beauty brand
    Example of user persona for a beauty brand

    Conducting market research

    There are hundreds of thousands of beauty logos already designed and being used by beauty brands across the globe. How are you going to make yours unique?

    Conducting market research is essential. Get familiar with the current industry trends. Analyze what other big-name companies are doing with their logos, and compare them to help you find out what style of logos they use to complement their brand story.

    Look for gaps in the market for a different style of beauty logo.

    For example, many big-name companies' beauty logos follow a simple logo structure. Think of Rare Beauty, Glossier, and L'Oreal. Each of them use a simple wordmark logo design. To make this style of logo stand out, they focus on the details of type design.

    Some examples of logos with simple structure

    Take note of 3–5 beauty brand's logo designs, and see if you notice any commonalities or design elements you like and can learn from.

    Brainstorming and creating a mood board

    Okay, we have finally reached the fun part!

    Creating a mood board so that you can visually see the styles, colors, and fonts that will resonate with your brand's personality is a really fun way to envision your beauty logo.

    If you want to go old school, you can grab some old magazines or print out some pictures and create a physical mood board. Or, you can make a digitized version by using online tools such as Canva, or Figma. Pinterest is also a great tool to gain inspiration from.

    Pull inspiration from other logo designs in the beauty industry, and even from successful marketing campaigns other companies have used.

    Brainstorm some adjectives that are relevant to your brand to get you feeling inspired about the type of logo you will create. What words come to mind? Modern, playful, or sleek?

    Don't be afraid to experiment with lots of different style ideas—you never know what might work!

    Moodboard example
    An example of a mood board

    Color palette, fonts, and aesthetics

    Once you've made your mood board and have an idea of the kind of style you want your beauty logo to encapsulate, it's time to hone in on the specifics.

    Color palette

    Bright colors communicate to your customers that you're young, fun, and creative. More subdued colors in your logo design may hint that your beauty brand is on the more serious, even luxurious, side.

    Be thoughtful in how you want your brand's image to be communicated and portrayed to your target audience.

    You could even go so far as to looking into how different colors invoke different emotions in people. For example, pink is feminine and warm, blue is professional and trustworthy, whereas black is sophisticated and elegant.

    Experiment with different color combinations to find a color scheme you love and that will work well with your beauty products.


    The typography you choose for your beauty logo design is arguably the most important factor if you want to create a good beauty logo.

    You could scroll through different fonts for hours upon end and still come to no conclusion. That's why it's so useful to look at other beauty logos during your market research and mood-boarding to get an idea of the type of typography you might like to use.

    Serif fonts can convey elegance, while the sans serif font suggests modernity and simplicity. As for font weights, the thicker the wordmark, the bolder and louder a logo will appear. A lighter font weight will make your beauty logo design feel more refined and open.

    If you can't find anything that fits your brand, you could design your very own font.

    Websites such as Mojomox are super helpful for letting you test out different styles for your cosmetics logo. Mojomox provides design templates so you can play around with different styles and fonts, and bring your ideas to life.

    Whether you're looking for logos for a beauty salon, for web, or logos for beauty products, Mojomox will let you customize fonts, colors, and graphics. You can then see mock-ups of how your beauty logo will look on your products, social media, or business cards—making the design process super easy.

    Most importantly, ensure legibility. There's no point in having an eye-catching font when no one can make out what the damn thing says!

    Mojomox website

    Type of logo design

    Look into the different types of logo designs there are in terms of imagery. For example, you may use images or icons to give your logo a visual representation of what your brand is all about. You can use shapes within the logo, (or containing the logo), to convey meaning as well.

    You could use subtle symbolism to depict your brand's offerings. For example, using a leaf to tell your customers you use all-natural ingredients, or a water droplet for a skincare brand.

    Your imagery doesn't have to be related to your beauty brand. Plenty of cosmetic logos use abstract shapes. These can make your beauty logos look minimalistic and modern.

    If you have a short brand name, you might opt for a wordmark design. This is where typography takes center stage. You can play around with fun ways to shape and arrange your brand name. Many big brand names use wordmarks, such as NARS, and The Ordinary.

    Draft and refine

    You can start by sketching some draft designs and play around with all that you have learned along the way. If you're not the creative type, use an online tool like Canva or Adobe Illustrator to create digitized versions of your ideas.

    Where possible, gather feedback from those around you. Take constructive criticism and go back to the logo to refine once more. Continue until you are completely satisfied with what you have created.

    Collaborate with professionals

    Last but not least, don't be ashamed to look for help. Everyone in this world has their strong points.

    If you're not a particularly creative or artistic person, it doesn't mean you won't make it as a business owner just because you didn't make your own logo.

    Look to professionals to give you a helping hand in bringing your ideas to life. If you have a strong vision of what you want for your beauty logo, you just need to find a way to communicate that to someone who's in the biz and knows what they're doing.

    It's not worth the unnecessary stress. Hire a professional graphic designer and let em' do what they do best. There's no shame in that. (And we won't tell anyone!)

    Conclusion: crafting a memorable beauty brand logo

    Crafting a unique beauty logo won't happen overnight. It will take some time to thoroughly understand your brand story and to learn how to use it as a key aspect of your beauty logo. It's a multifaceted process that requires careful consideration of various designs.

    While the logo is not the end-all and be-all of your brand, it is a vital element in the branding process. It will be the first thing your customers see, and what they will associate you with.

    Stay true to yourself, and don't be tempted to copy other brands when you conduct your competitor analysis. You want your skincare brand to stand out in a saturated industry. When you’ve designed a logo that stays true to your brand values, you can be sure your logo is unique.

    It's the most recognizable part of your brand and will be plastered on everything from your beauty products, to your social media accounts, your website, and more.

    So, don't rush the process, and make sure you choose one you genuinely love!


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