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Earn by making content about us. If you have an established community or audience, we want to partner with you!
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About Supliful

Supliful is the fastest growing on-demand fulfillment platform where anyone can launch their supplement, skincare, coffee or pet care brand with zero upfront costs and risk-free.

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What we're looking for


Preferred location

We primarily collaborate with creators and influencers in the United States


Content specifications

We seek partners who produce business-oriented content and have an established audience


Long-term partnership

We aim to develop long-term collaborations that are centered on lead generation


We offer fixed retainers that reflect on experience & ability to sell through content

Earn a 10% rev share through our Partner program

Exclusive perks


Big bonuses for viral content


Samples are available for select partners


Access to custom store templates and design services


$100 for every new creator you refer

Creator Spotlight: Toozer

Toozer, a well-known name in the ecommerce community, has featured Supliful in many of his popular videos, attracting millions of views. His genuine and voluntary contributions serve as a prime example of impactful user-generated content (UGC).

Let's roll
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Create viral content
We're always looking for talented creators & influencers to create viral content that aligns with our brand. Create videos that have the potential to go viral.

Drive awareness

Create a buzz about the next big opportunity to make money online by using Supliful.

Make content that educates users on leveraging Supliful's platform to create, brand, and sell their own successful CPG products.

Influence purchase decisions
Create content showcasing real people succeeding with CPG brands and organically introduce Supliful as the top private label business partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join the Supliful Creator Program?

We primarily look for creators and influencers based in the US who produce business-oriented content and have an existing audience. However, anyone who is committed to long-term collaboration and meets our creative standards, is encouraged to apply.

What does the Supliful Creator Program offer?

Participants in the program enjoy a variety of benefits. They receive a fixed retainer based on their experience and a 10% commission on sales made through Partnerstack. Additionally, they get free product samples, Supliful merchandise, and access to professional store templates and design services. There are also bonuses for viral content and a $100 referral incentive for each new creator who joins the program.

How does the compensation structure work?

Compensation is structured to reflect your experience and influence, offering a fixed retainer that varies accordingly. You'll also earn a performance-based 10% commission on sales generated through your unique referral links. Additional financial incentives are available for creating content that achieves exceptional engagement and reach.

Are there any specific requirements for the content created?

Yes, creators are required to conceptualize, film, edit, and post a set number of TikToks each month. Our creative and marketing teams will provide support throughout this process. Additionally, we prefer content that can be shared across various platforms without watermarks to enhance cross-platform visibility.

What is the application process like?

Interested creators are encouraged to begin by scheduling a call with us to learn more about the program. This initial discussion is followed by an evaluation of the applicant's content and audience engagement. Those who meet our criteria will be invited to join the program.

What makes Supliful different from other creator programs?

Supliful stands out by providing a risk-free platform tailored for building brands in specialized markets such as coffee, protein, skincare, and pet care. We offer comprehensive support and tools tailored to help creators thrive. Our commitment to no upfront costs and extensive support sets us apart in the industry.

What happens if my content goes viral?

Viral content not only boosts your compensation with additional bonuses but also significantly enhances your visibility and influence across and beyond our network, increasing your overall earnings.

Is there a contract involved?

Yes, joining the Supliful Creator Program involves signing a contract that outlines the terms of collaboration, compensation details, and the responsibilities of both parties. This ensures transparency and mutual understanding throughout our partnership.