Print-On-Demand Pet Products: Our Top Picks To Sell

June 27, 2024



    Choosing products to sell is never an easy process for most business owners. Fortunately, there's a solution we have got you covered!

    Let this guide help you identify the best and most trending print-on-demand pet products this year. It's time to establish a lucrative online business focused on serving the world's best customers—pets!

    19 trending print-on-demand pet products to consider for your store

    1. Pet apparel

    Clothing isn't just popular for humans. Many pet owners shop for pet apparel for a wide range of uses. It's never a bad idea to include a variety of customizable options in your catalog. Even better, pet apparel covers a wide range of pet clothing you can customize.

    From fun-themed pet t-shirts to serious cold-weather sweaters, you can choose from a variety of apparel. Typically, pet apparel is made to fit the pet type and breed, size, and even additional personalized requirements. 

    Some print-on-demand pet apparel to consider for your shop:

    • Pet tank tops: Perfect for warm days, these cute and comfy tops will have your pet looking trendy and feeling cool.
    • Pet t-shirts: Soft and stylish, t-shirts are perfect for any outing, keeping your pet comfy and cute all day long.
    • Pet sweaters: They're just too cute in them! Snuggle up your pet in our cozy and fashionable sweaters, perfect for those chilly days when your fur baby needs an extra layer of warmth.
    • Pet jackets and coats: While most pets feature their natural coats, extra clothing can provide additional insulation, especially during extremely cold seasons.

    2. Pet costumes

    Whether Christmas, Halloween, or a regular fun family day, we love to dress our pets. This is a great way to give them personality, and style, and include them in their family fun. Some pet lovers even dress up their pets in costumes to include them in their memorable family photos.

    Don’t hesitate to include pet costumes in your print-on-demand pet product catalog, especially during the holidays. Consider also birthday-related constuumes.

    3. Pet hats

    Hats are popular custom products among pet lovers. Whether complementing a Halloween costume or keeping your buddy warm, adding hats to your product list is a must.

    Customization is among the perks of a print-on-demand business. Add fun printed messages and other unique elements to make them stand out and more appealing.

    4. Tote bags

    Add a selection of print-on-demand pet tote bags to your product lineup to appeal to pet parents. Running errands with their pomeranian or getting their chihuahua to the vet, dog lovers will appreciate personalized tote bags for their furry friends. 

    As a print-on-demand service, you can offer customization options, like printing their pet names or adding other unique elements to the bags.

    5. Pet tags

    A pet tag is a personable item that a pet owner gets for their pet. Remember, this is their identifying symbol–equivalent to an ID. Many pet owners will want to personalize it for their pets to ensure optimal safety while keeping the tag special.

    A pet tag usually will include their name, owner’s name, contact details, and even their medical information. As a pet company for print-on-demand products, this is an opportunity to merge functionality and unique style. You can offer a variety of print-on-demand pet tags to cater to varying customer needs. 

    Remember, modern pet owners opt for digital tracking pet gadgets. However, getting just a little more creative with your print-on-demand pet tags can give you that edge to appeal to pet families.

    6. Leashes and collars

    Print-on-demand pet products online stores would be incomplete without pet leashes and collars. The best part of these pet items is their versatility in design. You can sell leashes and collars for different pet sizes, types, breeds, and other particular needs.

    Some pet owners prefer to add personal pet information, just like in pet tags, as an added safety layer. You can also include a variety of styles, colors, and patterns.  You can even use a wide range of materials from leather to polyurethane or eco-friendly fabrics. 

    7. Bandanas

    Whether a cat or dog bandana, pet bandanas are particularly great for on-demand printing businesses. Pet bandanas are versatile and popular pet items among owners. They are essential for communicating with pets, and can even reduce anxiety and dry wet mouths in dogs. 

    Further, pet bandanas are an excellent fashion accessory. This is where your on-demand printing prowess comes into play–letting you offer potential customers any style and design they want. Do you have a customer who wants a Barbie-themed cat bandana to go with their kid’s birthday theme?

    Or, a cowboy-themed bandana to go with their dog’s Halloween costume? A print-on-demand online store concept lets you serve these types of clients.

    8. Pet blankets

    Pet blankets add value just like a coat or jacket; keeping your pet warm, cozy, and comfortable. Pet blankets typically feature a softer surface where pets can snug on and lounge. They are also great at helping to reduce pet hairs and fur, acting as a buffer between the pet and the surface at home or in the car.

    Further, these blankets are versatile in use–whether on the couch, their bed or pods, or in the car, among other places. Pet blankets allow you to get creative when it comes to your print-on-demand business.

    You can offer a variety of colors, and patterns, and even add personalized elements–be it printed names or their paws.

    9. Beds or pods

    Personalized pet beds or pod products are viable options for on-demand printing. You can customize these pet products based on size, shape, material, color, and even, particular design elements.  Pet lovers like to get personalized bed or pod pet products for their furry family members.

    This is a way to show they care and love their pets.  The extra attention on personalizing the bed is also a way to show their pets are part of the family.

    10. Mats

    Pet mats are incredible for their multipurpose and functional design; allowing pet owners to use them in various ways. These pet products can be used for feeding, playing, and even resting. They even work like pet blankets–helping to minimize pet hairs and fur on the floor. 

     When your pet is eating or playing, the mat helps to keep the mess minimal. Print-on-demand online store owners can offer them in various designs, styles, sizes, colors, and patterns. You can even integrate a variety of pet mat types.

    For instance, a cooling pet mat, typically filled with gel or made of a gel-like material,  helps to keep the pet cool on a hot day. Yet, it remains comfortable enough for lounging, resting, and feeding.

    11. Bowls

    Pet owners also expect to buy feeding products for their pets. Pet bowls are the most common everyday pet item you should expect [et lovers to buy.

    Pet bowls can be customized to fit the client’s needs. From the size to patterns to adding product details onto it, like the pet’s name or favorite color.

    12. Water bottles

    Whether hitting the park or going for a hike, pets need to stay hydrated, too. So, it's a good idea to include water bottles in your product lineup for your print-on-demand business. Travel water bottles are designed to suit the animal’s breed and drinking mechanism.

    But, you can also customize them just like you would customize human water bottles. From the size to colors, patterns, and even drinking needs.

    13. Canvas and portraits

    Get a little creative with pet accessories and offer canvas and portrait printing services. This is a great way for owners to include their pets as part of their family–adding their customized portraits to the family photo wall.

    Even better, customizable canvas and portrait printing services allow pet parents to choose how their pet portraits will look. You can also print a selection of carefully chosen or hand-curated pet art onto canvas and portrait frames for pet lovers.

    Animal lovers would certainly love to adorn their walls with pet art. Thus, these art prints are a great way to add to your customer’s home decor.

    14. Decorative adhesives

    Let your creativity run wild with visually appealing pet stickers, magnets, and posters. This idea for unique products for on-demand printing isn't limited to just pet owners. You can offer a variety of options to animal lovers.

    Whether you customize these pet adhesives with your customer’s actual pet or craft fun pet designs, the sky is the limit. Similarly, with stickers, you can go in any direction you want.

    Some examples to consider

    • Stickers for books or toys
    • Multi-surface decals for the electronics (like laptops) or car rear windshield
    • Fridge magnets
    • Wall posters

    15. Personalized pet toys

    Whether a cat or dog, pet owners must invest in pet toys to keep them occupied and entertained. The best part about pet toys is owners choose to purchase a toy that caters to their animal’s unique experiences. This means that an on-demand printing business can come in handy. 

    Your online store can offer a wide range of customizable print-on-demand pet products to work for each pet’s needs. From chew toys to fetch discs, there are plenty of print-on-demand toy product ideas to explore.

    16. Other specific items

    Pet-specific items are another incredible product your online store should offer. Different pet owners will have pets with different item needs. Some pet owners choose to personalize these items just to indulge their pets more and show them they care.

    Cat scratchers

    For instance, a cat owner will want to invest in cat scratchers. Cat scratchers protect furniture as they serve as an alternative for cat scratching.  Instead of the cat scratching themselves using furniture around the house, a cat scratcher does the job.

    Print-on-demand pet products companies can incorporate unique and eye-catching creative designs to catch scratchers. Add various visual elements to appeal to their customers.

    Fetch discs

    Similarly, fetch discs are great for outdoor dog play. These simple dog toys can also be personalized to fit a client’s pet personality. For instance, they can choose their favorite colors, add their photo on it, and even include personal elements.

    Dog muzzles

    Dog muzzles prevent dogs from biting and nipping other pets or people. A dog owner needs at least one muzzle for running different errands with their dogs. Be it visiting a vet or spending time at the park, a muzzle is essential.

    Business owners can craft a selection of dog muzzles with varying colors, designs, patterns, and even more personable elements–like the dog’s face!

    17. Grooming products

    For business owners in the print-on-demand pet products industry, groomers can help keep your profit margin high. These essential tools come in a variety of types while pet owners must invest in them to keep their pets clean and healthy. 

    With a solid strategy for marketing, you can attract many clients to order pet grooming kits from you. You can get creative with pet groomers depending on the type. 

    Some of the best common pet groomer tool ideas to include are:

    • Paw cleaner or plunger
    • Dog bath brush 
    • Hair remover
    • Dog bath brush
    • Nail clippers

    18. Pet toiletries

    Selling customizable toiletries for animals is a smart way to build a loyal customer following. Whether you nail the formulation, scent, or product type, you can easily find customers who will love your products. With pet products, you can take any direction you want–including with the product variety. 

    You can offer pet shampoos, conditioners, combs and brushes. You can then customize their colors, scents and aromas, formulation (and benefits), and even their package designs. Supliful offers a wide range private label pet products to choose from.

    19. Car seat protectors

    Car seat protectors are the bonus product any print-on-demand pet products business should offer. Most parent owners will have their pets in the car at some point.

    Be it a cat, dog, or other unique pet, a car seat protector helps to keep out the mess and leave the car clean. 

    Whether seat scratching, hair shedding, or drooling, a car seat protector catches it all. With your business, you can customize car seat protectors to your customer’s needs.

    Some clients want an option to match their car interior aesthetics while others want a thick fabric to withstand their dog’s rigors. 

    Either way, you can customize the seat protectors with colors and patterns, materials, and other personalizable elements.

    20. Pet food and snacks

    Pet food and snacks are another excellent business idea to consider. According to statistics, pet food and snacks are currently the best-selling pet products on the market.

    Even better, as a print-on-demand business, you can have your suppliers take care of everything to do with order fulfillment. From pet food and snack supplies to packaging, labeling, and shipping.

    How to choose print-on-demand pet products

    When choosing the best print-on-demand pet products to add to your product offering, don’t forget these key features:

    Niche down your online store

    The pet industry is vast and with myriads of opportunities. However, as a small business, you can benefit the most by niching down. Niching down also makes it easier to build a name for your small business among customers in the industry. 

    Target a specific market so you can focus your efforts easily. This can be a pet-specific or size-specific niche. For instance, an online store that sells high-quality products for small pets, like small breeds of dogs, cats, and birds. Alternatively, you can focus on accessories, like pet apparel.

    Do your research

    Before you narrow down your print-on-demand pet product offerings, do your research. A simple internet search can show you which pet products are the most popular and most purchased on the market. With this knowledge, you can choose the right products–and have a solid strategy on the customization limits you are willing to explore.

    Make them giftable for pet lovers

    A print-on-demand pet products business already allows customers to personalize what they order. But, as a business owner, you can also incorporate products you can customize to add more value. For instance, you can choose to sell products that make the perfect gift ideas. This means that you can get clients who want to gift pet families with pet-related products. 

    Consider the print-on-demand company: choose the right supplier

    Factor in your print-on-demand supplier. This is the company that takes care of order fulfillment when your customer places an order. Make sure your print-on-demand supplier offers the products you wish to sell and the customization options you want for your customers. 

    A good print-on-demand pet products supplier will also offer flexible fulfillment capabilities. For instance, Supliful can help you establish your online store and run it through order preparation and fulfillment. The company even integrates with popular ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, for a more seamless operational experience.


    What are print-on-demand pet products?

    Print-on-demand pet products are a form of a dropshipping model of business. This innovative business model produces and delivers pet products, like personalized apparel, accessories, and even small furniture, only when the customer places an order. This means as a business owner, you don't need to have inventory and you have a supplier that fulfills the orders for you.

    Can you make money selling print-on-demand pet products?

    You can certainly make money selling print-on-demand pet products. The pet care industry market share is projected to grow to over USD$230 billion by 2030. So, there’s certainly a piece of pie for your business.

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