About us

Supliful is built off the back of our previous e-commerce business, Grafomap. We started
Grafomap – a site that lets anyone create and order a personalized map poster –
back in 2016. We used a print-on-demand service to fulfil all the orders. It
was a really convenient solution because we didn’t have to buy printers or
waste time with printing, packing and shipping.

With the extra time on our hands, we could focus on what really made the difference for
our business – product design and marketing. We managed to scale our revenue to
$1.5 million and we eventually sold our business to a buyer from the printing

Being a bunch of entrepreneurial people we didn’t waste too much time and
decided to build our next business. We figured that employing the same business
model again but in another market niche would be a smart move. We decided to
build a supplement brand because if people like supplements they will buy them
again and again, thus, our revenue would grow exponentially.

However, we couldn’t find an on-demand supplement supplier that offers the kind of
service we had used to in the print-on-demand industry. So what did we do? We
decided to build our own on-demand supplement service.

And thus Supliful was born!

Our vision is to democratize
the supplement industry and make it available to online entrepreneurs like
ourselves who wish to build their own supplement brand.

Our goal is to ensure a fully transparent supply chain, provide excellent customer
service and offer full customization of product packaging. Product safety and
ingredient list accuracy go without saying.

Our team

Martins Lasmanis


Rudolfs Janitis


Untitled design

Rihards Piks



Alina Ignatovica

Customer Care Manager

Dmitry Yemelyanov



Jason Lorberbaum

Warehouse Manager, Denver


Evan Dharmasena

Warehouse Manager, Riga


Maris Colton

Sales Representative

Graham Littell

Account Executive

Annija Anna Skrodere


Fulfilment warehouses

Denver, CO
Riga, Latvia

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