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At Supliful, we know what it’s like to have a crazy dream. We built this business on the backs of our previous e-commerce business, Grafomap —an on-demand service to create personalized map posters. But it wasn’t always easy.

With our backs up against the wall and bankruptcy staring us in the face —we almost lost it all. At that moment, we decided to invest our personal cash to keep going. And it worked: we scaled our revenue to $1.5m and sold the business to a buyer from the printing industry.

As entrepreneurs, we couldn’t wait for the next idea: building a world-class supplement brand. But there was a problem. There wasn’t an on-demand supplier like we’d used in the print-on-demand industry.

And that’s when Supliful was born! 

Today, our mission is to make the supplement industry available to online entrepreneurs and influencers who wish to build their own products….the easy way. We pride ourselves on 100% transparency, custom packaging and branding, amazing customer service—and top-notch product sourcing and quality.

Let’s make you our next success story!

Our team

Martins Lasmanis


Rudolfs Janitis


Untitled design

Rihards Piks


Matthew Jones

Lean Nutritionist

Dmitry Yemelyanov

Software Engineer


Alina Ignatovica

Customer Care Manager


Jason Lorberbaum

Warehouse Manager, Denver

Lasma Babane

Merchandising Manager

Graham Littell

Account Executive


Maris Colton

Sales Representative


Evan Dharmasena

Warehouse Manager, Riga

Annija Anna Skrodere


Fulfilment warehouses

Denver, CO
Riga, Latvia

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