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Matcha tea Japan

The green tea queen matcha is the highest grade tea from Japan

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Organic Match tea from Japan. The green tea queen matcha is the highest grade tea from Japan. Zen Buddhist monks began using match tea more than 800 years ago to make the meditation process more efficient. The tea is made in a bowl.

Ingredients: 100% Jade Leaf Matcha

Ingredeints country of origin: Japan

Manufacturer country: Latvia

Amount: 75 g

Usage: To make matcha tea, 1 teaspoon (about 1 g) of matcha powder should be poured with 80 milliliters of hot but not boiling (70-80 ° C) water. With a special chasen, the mixture should be spread in a zigzag pattern without touching the bottom of the bowl until everything is covered with green foam. Store in a dry and cool place, protect from direct sunlight.

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