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Single Origin Nr. 02 500g

Coffee with dark chocolate, plum, walnut, nutmeg, malt, and black tea taste notes

Production cost: $8.60

Dark Chocolate, Plum, Walnut, Nutmeg, Malt, and Black tea. The cup resulting from the volcanic area’s soil conditions, altitude, and washed processing generally have a very good aroma, medium acidity, and medium body that combine to present a pleasant, sweet, chocolate aftertaste. Light acidity, medium body, with a pleasant, sweet and chocolaty aftertaste.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee beans

Ingredients country of origin: Colombia

Ingredient origin story: Colombia

Manufacturer country: Latvia

Roast level: Light

Amount: 500 g

Rocket Bean Roastery

One of the fastest growing specialty coffee roastery in Northern Europe. Rocket Bean has more than 15 years experience in handcrafted and freshly roasted coffee beans. with passion and attention paid to the finest detail.

Exquisite coffee beans can bring exceptional quality and taste experience. Rocket Bean sources coffee beans from farmers in Africa, Indonesia, Central America, and Latin America. Coffee is roasted in Riga – Latvia.

Shipping details

Avg. lead time worldwide: 5 days
Shipped from: Latvia, EU
Delivery method: Fedex
Tracking available: Yes

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