How it works

With Supliful you can create your own supplements and never worry about product development, packaging, storage or shipping.

Customer buys something in your store

Your store keeps the profit markup

We automatically receive order details from your store

We send products directly to your customer

The entire customer journey is under your brand. We do the heavy lifting for you behind the curtain.

How to get started

For the first time ever you can launch a supplement brand absolutely risk free and with no initial investment. Our proprietary order fulfillment process combined with our Shopify app lets you do that.

Pick a product

Choose from 100+ tested products in different categories depending on your store concept.


Let’s say you are a yoga instructor with 50k followers on Instagram and you pick Spirulina Powder. Next, customize the product with your brand colors, logo and typeface.

Order samples

This is optional but it’s best you try the product yourself so you can recommend it to others with confidence. We offer special discounts on all samples.


Install our app on your Shopify store and publish products to your storefront with your markup price. It’s that simple.

Do what you do best

Leverage your audience and marketing channels to promote your store and products.

Let us design your custom label

You can use our design templates to create your label designs or you can hire our in-house designer to do it for you.

Common questions

You pay for the product fulfillment only when someone has already made an order in your store. Extra services, such as label design and store design, come with a small fee.

We can work with both private and legal entities. But you will most probably need a company to add a payment gateway to your store.

We are responsible for the quality. We offer only certified products from manufacturers that have passed our due dilligence process. Any refund requests will be processed with no questions asked.

Each product comes with a return slip. There your customers will find detailed instructions on how to return the product directly to us so you don’t have to worry about it.

As far as your customers know, you run your own manufacturing and shipping operations. We take care of everything in the “back-end” while you are in charge of your brand and customer base.

It depends on which shipping method your customers choose and where they are located. 

We ship out orders the same or the next day an order is placed. Regular mail can take 1-2 weeks; Express shipping can take 2-4 workdays to reach your customer.